Geir Hauger

Music – Sound Design – Composition

Musician: Geir Hauger plays both the trumpet and the flugelhorn in a number of different bands. He is the leader of his own jazz group in addition to being a studio musician. He had a permanent place with the radio big band in NRK (the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation), and has been a staple at theatres, revues and variety shows – for 15 years he served under the conductor’s baton of Egil Monn-Iversens. Geir is also classically trained on the trumpet and is well acquainted with the serious musical literature.

Sound Designer: Geir works daily with sound for NRK. Since 1990 he has done sound design for radio documentaries and more than 70 documentaries feature his sounds. Geir has worked with sound throughout his adult life and experiments with soundscapes and music. NRK has dedicated a homepage for his work on

Award Winner: He has won multiple international awards– 2006, 1998, 1997, 1992 – as well as a Norwegian radio award in 2005.

Composer: Geir’s music has a wide scope. He has composed a musical – Fyrstikkfolket, an outdoor play commissioned by Enebakk Council. He makes music for radio plays in NRK and many other programmes for both TV and radio, everything from broad soundscapes to vignettes and jingles. He masters a plethora of sound styles, anchored in his knowledge of jazz and contemporary music. Larger independent works include a concert for trumpet, a piece for string orchestra, several sound artworks and commissioned pieces.