Geir Hauger


«The prize has been awarded, by unanimity, for its courage, intelligence,
humour and spontaneity, and for creating such a strong portrait of a composer,
his personality and his own sense of humour.

Jury’s comments on the 1997 Prix Italia winner Jeg er flerspors.

«…made the only original sound
composition that the NRK has broadcast, Metropolis Oslo ...»

Tilman Hartenstein, in Det usynlige teatret. Radioteatrets historie, NRK.
(The invisible theatre, the history of NRK radio theatre)

«Grandpa on the rocks, a documentary by NRK, Norway, about a frozen body
and a visit to America. The jury loved the idea of this programme and felt it handled
the big questions of life and death with humour while presenting us
with some delightful and memorable characters ...»

President of the Jury for Prix Italia, Lorelei Harris, Venezia 2006.

«The programme is strong and a textbook example of good radio journalism.

Aftenposten, Per Annar Holm on
Bøddel mot sin vilje, produced in association with Ingvild Handagard.

« inspired piece of radio art, «Afrodite – et ørespill om kvinner og erotikk».
Geir Hauger and Else Barratt-Due were behind a fantastic journey through
the worlds of sound, words and sensuality on channel P1.»

Dagbladet, Hans Rossiné.